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Common problems people face during the RO installation process & how to solve them

RO installation

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We can all agree that the RO installation process has its challenges. Whether you’re a first-time installer or have been through the process before, mistakes can be hard to avoid if you don’t know what to look for and how to best prepare ahead of time. In this blog post, we’ll explore some common problems people face during RO installation and provide detailed solutions so that your experience is as smooth as possible. With these tips in mind and an experienced team providing RO installation near me, you’ll be ready to tackle any issues that come up while moving forward with your project.


RO water filtration systems are becoming increasingly popular in households around the world. The benefits of having clean, safe drinking water are undeniable, including reducing plastic bottle waste and the cost of buying filtered water. While installation might seem straightforward, many people end up facing challenges that can lead to costly mistakes and even damage to their homes. In this blog post, we will be discussing some of the most common problems people face during RO installation and the solutions to these problems.

Water Flow Issues

One of the most common issues that homeowners experience during RO installation is water flow problems. This can be caused by many factors such as clogged sediment filters, defective RO membranes, or incorrect pressure. To solve this issue, first, double-check the installation guide to make sure everything is installed correctly. Then, check the sediment filters for clogging and the RO membrane for damage. Finally, adjust the pressure to suit your water supply.


Another major problem during RO installation is leakages. Common areas for leakages include the connections between the filters and tubes, the RO membrane housing, and the storage tank. To prevent leaks, ensure that all parts are tightly secured and free from any debris. A proper and thorough inspection can help you identify any leaks and necessary solutions.

Lack of Space

Another issue that can make the installation process frustrating is a lack of space around the RO filter. Often, there isn’t enough room for larger or bulkier filters making it challenging to fix all the parts. In such cases, consider purchasing compact RO systems that take up less space. If a larger filter is in place, contact the manufacturer to recommend either a smaller filter or to see if there are options available to accommodate the current filter.

Wrong Membrane or Filter Size

Before installation, it’s important to ensure that the RO membrane and filter sizes are right for your home’s water supply. Make sure to refer to the manufacturer’s specifications because using the wrong size may result in insufficient filtration or even damage to the RO system. In case of a mistake, order the correct size, and make the appropriate replacements. Correct sizing is essential to achieving the best filtration results.

Noise and Vibration

The last issue faced by people installing an RO system is noise and vibration. The vibration and humming noise may be due to the pressure of the water flowing through the system. Ensure you are operating your system at the right pressure to help reduce the noise level. You may also add a pressure regulator to limit the pressure levels. The other factor causing the noise – or in some cases, even vibration – could be due to a loose connection. Check to see all connections are tightened and secured


Installing a RO water system is straightforward. However, you may encounter issues during the process. With the information provided in this blog post, you now have the necessary tools to confidently tackle any problems that could arise and make sure your RO water system is installed as efficiently as possible. From faulty tubing and leaky couplings to forgetting to prime the membrane, these common missteps are all counteracted with the right knowledge and experience. If you have any further questions or need help getting started with the installation processes of an RO system, Aquamenia offers several efficient solutions for customizing and installing your own water filtration system. Take a look at our protocols today for expert advice on making sure your RO installation runs smoothly.


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