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Why Having a Water Filter is Important for Your Health

Water Filter

Having clean and uncontaminated drinking water is essential for a healthy lifestyle, yet it can be harder to find than you might think. While your tap may seem clean and drinkable, there are often trace elements of bacteria or contaminants lurking in the water that look harmless but can have serious consequences on your health […]

Why You Need to Get Your Water Filter Repaired Regularly

water filter

If you rely heavily on a water filter system to supply your home with clean, healthy drinking water, it is essential that you stay up-to-date on regular repairs. Without frequent maintenance and restoration of your filter system, the quality of the water can become compromised – leaving behind possible bacteria or other contaminants that could […]

How to use water filter candle first time

How to use water filter candle first time | Aquamenia

Are you new to using water filter candles? If so, you’re in for a treat! These amazing little candles can not only make your water taste better, but they can also purify it. Keep reading for some tips on how to use them the first time. Plus, we’ll give you a few ideas on what […]